Why I love Dear Abby…



So I’m done blogging for the day and was just messing around online when I come across this Dear Abby post:


Quick recap:  This guy is 70, he gave up dating at 40 due to he kept getting dumped, and now, 30 years later, he’s lonely.  Yet, he is not attracted to women his age and finds that younger women are not attracted to him. Ummmmmmm……..

You didn’t want to put the effort in when you were younger to be a good mate and uphold your relationships.  Now that you are older and really want (read = need) companionship, you still do not want to put the work in but do not find women your age attractive.  Ugh.

She told him to go and find a puppy for unconditional love then.  I effin love her.




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